Saturday, December 02, 2023

The Gee Strings - Speed Soul Racer

I'm always happy to hear new music from The Gee Strings, who have been one of the world's preeminent '77-style punk rock bands for three decades now. Ingi, Bernadette, and the gang have released their sixth LP, Speed Soul Racer, on Wanda Records, Ghost Highway Recordings, Dangerhouse Skylab, KOTJ Records, and Tape or Die. At just eight tracks, this is truly an all-killer, no-filler affair. In typical Gee Strings fashion, these songs ride the more rock 'n' roll side of punk's first wave. Bernadette absolutely kills it on lead guitar, and the band has never sounded tighter. On this release, the influence of 1977 Northern California punk rock is also quite palpable in original songs like "Creature" & "Fire" and in an excellent cover of Mary Monday's "Popgun." All in all, this is an absolute ripper of a punk rock record. There is not a weak track in sight. 30 years in, Ingi still belts it with authority and conviction. The band's cover of Soda Fraise's "Rock​´​N​´​Rolls" will just about set your hair on fire! If you like real deal old school punk rock 'n' roll, Speed Soul Racer is not to be missed!

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