Sunday, December 24, 2023

K​ü​ken - self titled III

Merry Christmas, rockers! Dressed as Santa Claus, Daniel from Alien Snatch Records has snuck into the house and slid new releases from Sex Mex, Graveyard of the Pacific, and K​ü​ken under the tree. What a way to close out a year! I have documented the musical career of twins Philipp and Chris since 1999, when they debuted as the teens in the magnificently trashy Highschool Rockers. In 2003, they formed The Kidnappers — who would go to become one of the premier garage punk/powerpop groups of the 2000s. Since 2014 or so, they've been playing more straight-forward punk rock in the powerhouse trio K​ü​ken. Just like the two that preceded it, K​ü​ken's new album is self-titled and in no mood to mess around. Only two of 11 songs make it to the two-minute mark as the boys tear through one track after another of ornery yet totally catchy three-chord punk rock. For those who always enjoyed the Kidnappers' punkier songs, K​ü​ken III is like a whole album of that. If ripping '70s-style buzz-saw punk with a fuck-off attitude is your thing, songs like "Run Away from Me," "Goatleather," "I Don't Care About You," and "Roses" will warm your soul this holiday season. It's great to see Philipp and Chris back on the mother ship, and Daniel has celebrated not just by releasing this smasher of a record but also by reissuing K​ü​ken's second self-titled album from 2017 on secret colored vinyl. Head on over to Alien Snatch's Bandcamp page and make your reservations while you still can!

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