Saturday, December 30, 2023

Post Ramone - Sounds Like This

And the honor of my final review of 2023 goes to Post Ramone! That's a genius band name, and thankfully it isn't wasted on mediocre music. Out on Mom's Basement Records and Jolly Ronnie Records, Sounds Like This is the debut long player from this Youngstown, Ohio–based outfit made up of members of Spastic Hearts, Jagger Holly, Hollywood Blondes, RADD, etc. On this album, these pop-punk veterans rip through 12 tracks straight out of the textbook. There's something to be said for a pop-punk band that's wise enough to not mess with a winning formula. If originality or innovation are must-haves for you, this is not your next favorite band. But if you enjoy tried-and-true pop-punk executed to perfection, Sounds Like This is sure to satisfy. Post Ramone is here to show you how it's done with killer tunes, quality lead vocals & harmonies, and a musical philosophy that values fun over all else. None of that is surprising given the band members' musical history, and the brisk sales so far indicate that the pop-punk faithful are appreciative. Every year there are two or three pop-punk records that remind me why I got into this type of music in the first place. Sounds Like This is one of those albums for 2023. Would you expect anything less from a Jolly Ronnie/Mom's Basement co-release? 

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