Friday, December 22, 2023

Angel Face - "I Can't Go Back" and self-titled LP

Out today on Slovenly Recordings, we get the debut album and the second single from Tokyo punk rock supergroup Angel Face. This is the latest band from guitarist Fink (Teengenerate, Firestarter, The Raydios), and it's in the same vein as his previous groups. In other words, you need to own these records! Toyozo from The Fadeaways is on bass. Hercules (vocals) and Rayco (drums) round out a red-hot lineup. If, generally speaking, Firestarter was always like a more power pop Teengenerate and The Raydios were a more '70s punk leaning Teengenerate, then Angel Face is the best combination of all those bands. The sound is vintage Japanese trashy garage punk with first wave punk influences and pop hooks for days. The new single "I Can't Go Back" and self-titled full-length will disappoint absolutely no one. If you like your punk rock 'n' roll raw, catchy, and brimming with attitude and energy, you might as well stop reading now and go smash those "buy" links. Every time Fink comes out with a new band, we wonder if it will be Teengenerate-ish. Well, Angel Face most definitely is. "I Can't Go Back" and album cuts like "Bad Feeling," "Bring Me Back," and "USA" definitely give me the same thrills I got from hearing Teengenerate for the first time. The album is limited to 666 copies, and the single is limited to 333 (with supplies dwindling!). So hop to it if want that Angel Face vinyl!

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