Saturday, November 25, 2023

The Family Township - 20th Century Wasters

Earlier this year, I reviewed an absolute smash of a single from The Family Township called "Cross the Line (Oh Andrea)." That song and ten others make up The Family Township's new album 20th Century Wasters. This long-running Boston-based band is made up of Marc W. Pinansky on vocals and guitar, John Sheeran on bass, Peter MacLean on drums, Alejandro Necochea on guitars and backing vocals, and James Rohr on keyboards and backing vocals. I would characterize The Family Township as a real rock band — something most people assume no longer exists. On its 7th full-length album, The Family Township is here to show you that big hook arena-style rock very much still exists and is, in fact, going strong. I usually refrain from quoting directly from a press release because it seems like lazy reviewing, but I can't help repeating the band's description of these songs: "Bristling with the fury and frustrations of the modern age, longing and love, layers of melody ebb and flow as each song reveals more of itself upon repeated listens." I literally could not have said it better than myself. You can tell that this band lives in the world of classic rock but isn't just trying to make something that sounds like the best rock album of 1978. If you could play and sing like these guys (Pinansky can freaking belt it!), you'd want to rock out too! Sometimes these guys go for an "FM radio hit of yore" vibe ("Youngblood," "Straight to Your Heart"). Other times they rock hard and over the top ("(It's a) Heartbreak," "Out of Control"). In all cases, they play with tremendous passion and without a trace of irony. The Family Township is a tight and powerful band with a boatload of killer tunes. If old school AOR radio still gets your blood pumping, give 20th Century Wasters 40 minutes of your time.

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