Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Outtacontroller - Just A Scratch

Back with its second 7" on the always great Jarama 45RPM Recs., Outtacontroller continues to set the bar for what poppy garage punk ought to be. Surprisingly, this is Outtacontroller's first all-new physical release in over three years. The band's digital album Come Alive was one of last year's most under-the-radar stellar releases in the punk world, and a couple of singles this year have hinted at more goodness to come. It's weird to talk about an Outtacontroller record being really good considering that all the band's releases are killer. But Just A Scratch is an especially strong showing from Halifax, Nova Scotia's finest. As always, Terry and James deliver immensely catchy tunes that bridge the gaps between garage punk, power pop, and old school punk rock. No band does it better, and these four songs really hit the mark. The earworm title track is the most "pop" of these tunes, while the scorching "I Wanna Be Bored" is the punkiest. "Less Is More" and "Hanging Over You" (which you'll recall from Come Alive) split the difference in vintage Outtacontroller fashion. This band is just pure class — when it releases new music, it's a no-brainer purchase. Only 300 copies of Just A Scratch were pressed, and less than 40 remain in stock. You know what to do!

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Javier Iglesias said...

Wuauuuuuhhhhhh what a Hit !!!! I love OUTTCONTROLLER !!!