Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Kurt Baker - "Anytime At All"

I'm always stoked to get new music from Kurt Baker. Well here's some new old music from Kurt Baker! "Anytime At All" was recorded by Baker with his Spanish band The Kurt Baker Combo a few years back. For whatever reason, it went unreleased -- until now! This track is a cover of a song off of The Yum Yums' third album ...Whatever Rhymes With Baby. If you've never heard the original, do yourself a favor and check it out immediately! The Yum Yums are one of the greatest power pop punk bands to ever walk the Earth, and Baker's rendition of "Anytime At All" is a tremendous tribute. If you've been hearing "Anytime At All" on the Underground Garage lately and wondered where this song came from, came from the god-like songwriting prowess of Morten Henriksen! Of course Baker and the boys give it their own distinctive twist. This is the first of several "from the vaults" digital singles that Baker will be releasing on Wicked Cool Records this year. I must say this track was a great choice for a first installment! Also stay tuned for a new Kurt Baker 7" on Wicked Cool, "Keep It Tight"/"Get Away", which is due to release August 27th!

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