Sunday, August 30, 2020

Hard Action - "Yours Truly"

If you think you know what to expect from Hard Action's new single, you just might be surprised! The Helsinki-based foursome is closely associated with action rock, and you'll still hear punk and hard rock influences coming together on the brand-new 45 "Yours Truly". But this is by far Hard Action's most pop-oriented release to date. Both "Yours Truly" and the B-side "Walk Away" crank up thundering rock with massive FM radio hooks. Think less Hellacopters and more Thin Lizzy or Sammy Hagar! But even on this more consciously pop outing, Hard Action has never rocked harder. Those guitars absolutely blast! The band really benefits from the "bigger" production, and both tracks have me in air guitar heaven as I fondly recall late '70s/early '80s AOR. This is the sound of heavy rock flirting with power pop, and I dig it! "Yours Truly" is limited to 500 copies. Get it today from Open Up And Bleed Recordings!


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Foxycontin - This Time You're On Your Own

Now here's a debut LP that can truly be called "long-awaited"! Philadelphia's Foxycontin formed in 2003. Out now on Sister Raygun Records, This Time You're On Your Own is Foxycontin's first album after nearly 18 years as a band! This foursome features some big names from the Philly underground rock scene. Richard Kaufmann (The Electric Love Muffin, Rolling Hayseeds) is on vocals and guitar. Michael Barndt (Krhissy) is on drums. Over the years, Kauffman has been associated with musical styles as differing as pop-punk and country rock. Foxycontin definitely leans more towards the former - blending the influence of Stiff Records pub rock/power pop with the pop-leaning side of '70s punk and a little garage rock. This merging of styles really works well. If you like pop and you like punk but have had your fill of "pop-punk", this album might be exactly what you're craving. 

On record, Foxycontin sounds like the seasoned live band that it obviously is. Its songs are well-crafted, tightly-executed, and bound to stick in your head. Coming on strong with the soulful title track and the Stiff Little Fingers inspired "The Whole World Knows I'll Never Get Over It Now", This Time You're On Your Own will grab you from the get-go and keep you hooked to the end. You would certainly expect a veteran band like this to show a good range of material. And in that respect, songs like "Starting To Show" and album closer "Shiver" are master displays of how to rock with maturity and sophistication. Yet at the same time, this band is not reluctant to lean on the simplicity and pure energy that will forever be the lifeblood of rock and roll. "Alive In Interesting Times" is melodic punk at its most urgent and satisfying, while "But You'll Never Listen" summons the spirit of a young Elvis Costello and The Attractions. "Fine...Fine!" is straight-up garage rock that really hits the mark. On its several cover selections, this album pays homage to significant influences (Nick Lowe, The Sweet) while also bringing attention to some lesser-known but truly great songs. The band's version of the Chris Farlowe B-side "Headlines" is one of the album's highlights. "Junk Passion", another standout track, was written and originally recorded by the very talented (and fellow Philadelphian) songwriter Brian Seymour. While it might be a little unusual for a full third of a band's debut album to be covers, I think it was a smart choice for Foxycontin. It gives the album the feel of a live set, and it really shows off the band's chops (you don't dare cover "Headlines" if your drummer isn't an absolute beast!). 

This Time You're On Your Own was recorded, produced, and mixed by Pete Rydberg at his south Philly studio 1935. Rydberg put his usual magic touch on this album, but he sure had a lot to work with! The material is strong, and the musicianship is lights out! You would expect a lot from a debut album that was essentially a decade and a half in the making. This Time You're On Your Own delivers in full. If you're into great American indie rock and roll bands like The Figgs and The Safes, Foxycontin is highly recommended!


Monday, August 24, 2020

TJ Cabot - Dick Charles EP

The mysterious TJ Cabot, now apparently separated from his difficult band mates Thee Artificial Rejects, has returned to the lab for further experiments in low fidelity. This time his mission was to investigate what it might have sounded like if the Ramones had recorded Dee Dee Ramone's song "I Don't Wanna Get Involved With You" in 1975. Great detail was paid to recreating the speed, sound, and general production value of the Ramones' Dick Charles Studio demos (not the easiest thing to do with little more than a state of the art 2010 laptop at your disposal). All in all, it sounds like mission accomplished to me. You could fool more than a few people (perhaps ones in a deep state of inebriation) into accepting this as a genuine '75 Ramones demo. Additional songs like "Let's Get Unaffiliated" and "Sheila's Done Everything (Now She's Done)", were ripped off  written in a similar style and fully fit the Dick Charles theme. Also cool is "Green Tartan Beret" - an homage to Ramones songs such as "Havana Affair" and "Commando". Other tracks fall closer in line with the weirdo budget punk you've come to expect from TJ Cabot. The Afrika Korps and The Penetrators were particular influences on some of these tracks, which is an oddly specific and probably unprecedented pairing of inspirations. While the pop-punk community can get pretty territorial about the Ramones, this EP makes a strong case for the Ramones being just as integral to the identity of garage punk. If you've had your fill of '77-style punk, perhaps you are ready to embrace '75-style punk as the next hot genre. Send TJ  Cabot cards and letters urging him to cover The Dictators!


Sunday, August 23, 2020

Hellebores - Hellemenopee

Sydney-based Hellebores give me an '80s/'90s melodic punk vibe on their debut album  Hellemenopee. That makes a whole lot of sense considering that Gina and Glenno from Lawnsmell share vocal duties. Also on board are Jonny T from Chinese Burns Unit and Evan from Amateur Drunks, Obat Batuk, etc. Originally recorded as demos, the 18 tracks comprising Hellemenopee were too good to not be an album. Stamp Out Disco has released the LP, which is limited to 250 copies (50 on red). If you like raw, catchy punk songs with a ton of energy, Hellebores ought to be right up your alley. Call this pop-punk if you like, but be aware that it's just as much punk as it is pop. I can hear the influence of everything from the Fastbacks to Husker Du to good old Aussie punk. This record just makes me smile, and it kind of reminds me of a demo tape I would have totally flipped over back in the '90s. What a fun band. Vinyl available from Stamp Out Disco's Bandcamp!


Saturday, August 22, 2020

Rock N Roll Manifesto 7" series Vol. 1

Hey rockers! I've got something really special for you today! You are probably familiar with Rock N Roll Manifesto - the long running radio show which runs Wednesday nights on Real Punk Radio. For now over 500 episodes, Greg Lonesome has been championing the best new punk & rock and roll bands out there (as well as many of my favorite Central PA breweries, but I digress!). He recently teamed up with Sydney-based label Stamp Out Disco to release his first-ever 7" record. Rock N Roll Manifesto 7" Series Vol. 1 is the first in what is intended to be an on-going series of killer compilation records. And what a way to start! Volume 1 features four of the top bands from today's garage/punk/rock and roll universe - several of which I have featured on this blog before. The lineup includes the powerhouse proto punk rock and roll of Portland, Oregon's Tiger Touch, the Detroit rock inspired fury of Minneapolis's mighty Fret Rattles, the sleazy punk rock and roll of L.A.'s JJ & The Real Jerks, and the snotty '77-style punk rock of Adelaide, Australia's Missile Studs. All four tracks are exclusive to this release and have never been issued on vinyl before. Just as importantly, all four of these tracks are absolute rippers. This isn't your usual comp where bands contribute whatever leftover songs they had lying around. I'm especially partial to the Tiger Touch track "Problems", which just about blew my head off. And The Missile Studs' track "Spazz Out" does nothing to diminish this group's standing as one of my favorite new punk bands. It has had me pogo dancing all over the house!

What I love about this first volume of the Rock N Roll Manifesto  7" series is that it shines attention on a cool radio show, a great record label, and four amazing bands. The record comes in a full-color package designed by Rob Sheley. It's limited to 500 copies on three colors of vinyl (opaque red, bone and black), with a lyric insert. It officially releases on September 1st. You can order now from the Stamp Out Disco Bandcamp. You can also hit up these bands individually to order a record - which will help them make their money back. If you are not yet familiar with these bands, I highly recommend checking out their back catalogs via the links below. And for more information about Rock N Roll Manifesto, head on over to the show's web site!


Friday, August 21, 2020

Gallows Birds - "My Lambretta"

Hot new single alert! Arriving in advance of the forthcoming Rum Bar Records release Quaranteenage Kicks, "My Lambretta" is the second single from North Carolina's Gallows Birds. You may know guitarist Travis Woods as head dude at the most excellent Eccentric Pop Records. On their debut 7" from last year, Gallows Birds proved that poppy punk rock could totally kick ass. "My Lambretta" features more of a power pop rock and roll sound. Back when this project was still in the "top secret" stages, Malibu Lou sent me this track and was wondering if I could guess who the songwriter was. I only knew because I looked it up! On first listen, my guess was actually that Gallows Birds had a Boston connection! "My Lambretta" brings to mind the Real Kids or Dogmatics by way of the early Beach Boys. It was recorded under quarantine and inspired by a longing for fun times at the beach. If it doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know if anything will. The "B-side" is an awesome cover of Graham Parker's "Local Girls". If you don't know the original, please be advised that Squeezing Out Sparks is the best album ever made!

It seems to me that Gallows Birds have a very bright future in the power pop/punk/rock and roll universe. "My Lambretta" could not be any more perfect of a summertime pop song. We all know that this has not been the summer anyone wanted. But there will be magical summers returning eventually, and you know our playlists will be ready! For now, you can still crank this song while you drive the motor vehicle of your choice in solitude and enjoy what's left of the warm weather. Be on the lookout for Quaranteenage Kicks due out this fall!


Thursday, August 20, 2020

Death By Unga Bunga - "Trouble"

Oslo's favorite power pop arena rockers are back! And isn't that exactly what the world needs at the moment? Out on Jansen Records, "Trouble" is the latest single from the mighty Death By Unga Bunga. "Trouble" is about "all the bad things you do to yourself, because it feels good". Who can't relate to that! In typical Death By Unga Bunga fashion, it's loud, catchy, and a whole lot of fun. This is uplifting music for tough times. When that chorus hits, your own "Troubles" will be temporarily forgotten. This is definitely a summertime anthem that can be enjoyed in all seasons. New album now in the works!


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Silver Receiver - "She's A Whiz"

If you haven't checked out Silver Receiver yet, oughta! Silver Receiver is a new project from Jay Millette (The Black Halos). He calls this his "all-star good times rock'n'roll party friends band". The idea was to utilize quarantine time to record some songs he had written, with various pals of his playing on the tracks. For his latest song "She's A Whiz", Millette collaborated with Jason Solyom (The Spitfires/La Chinga) on vocals and drums, Lincoln Heffell (Bryan Coffey and the Feel Good Band) on bass, and Cam Hilborn (Wine Lips) on lead guitar. "She's A Whiz" is a tribute to Millette's friend Kelly Shee and a stone cold hit to boot! It's hard-rocking punk with a huge chorus and a solo that ought to have you wailing away on air guitar. You can download it today for one dollar via Silver Receiver's Bandcamp. Also available is a track called "Giver" that was recorded with Tony Bleed, Danni Action, and Eric J. Breitenbach. Stay tuned: there will be more Silver Receiver songs coming our way in the upcoming weeks and months. I can't wait to see who else Millette has brought into the fold!


Sunday, August 16, 2020

Frank Meyer - "Repetition Repeat"

Wow, has Frank Meyer ever had a busy quarantine! Meyer, the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs singer/guitarist and James Williamson and the Pink Hearts lead vocalist, has been writing, recording, and releasing music in addition to directing and editing numerous music videos. And he has done it all from his apartment! He wrote the track "Flatten the Curve" for a charity project organized by his band mate Bruce Duff - who enlisted an all-star cast including Lisa Kekaula, Eddie Spaghetti, Cherie Currie, Josie Cotton, Mike Watt, Steve McDonald, Melanie Vammen, Deniz Tek, and a bunch of other punk luminaries to appear on the track! Meyer also completed the recently released documentary film Risen: The Story of Chron "Hell Razah" Smith. He co-produced the Supersuckers and Eddie Vedder cover of the Ramones' "I Believe In Miracles". He released a killer new Streetwalkin' Cheetahs track called "Warzone" which is slated to appear on the band's next LP. Today I'm featuring his new solo track "Repetition Repeat", which may surprise some of you. On this song Meyer veers from his usual punk/rawk lane and goes full-on early '80s new wave pop. The song and its accompanying video directed by and starring Aubrey Mayne speak to a universal human experience of life in isolation. The song is terrific (it would be a hit if they still played good songs on the radio!). And the video is hilarious and totally on-point. Repetition has become our lives in 2020.

Embedded below are videos for both "Repetition Repeat" and "Flatten the Curve". For all the latest news on The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs and Frank Meyer's musical endeavors, check out the band's Facebook page. There will be much more music to come out of Frank Meyer's apartment!


Friday, August 14, 2020

The Idolizers - self titled

Tonight I've got something for you to crank up loud! The Idolizers hail from New York, New York and play real deal punk rock and roll. Their four-song self-titled EP released today on Rum Bar Records. Combining all the best elements of '70s punk, '60s garage rock, and good old rock and roll, these four tunes bring the energy and power big time. I'm talking thundering riffs, ripping lead guitar, and a rhythm section that absolutely smokes! "Stranded Again" is on the harder side of punk rock and roll, with big nods to the Stooges and MC5. "Golden Days" is up-tempo and infectious - recalling that moment in time when you had faith that the Devil Dogs and Humpers were gonna save the world. "Exile on Pain Street" brings to mind the Rolling Stones (of course!) by way of the New York Dolls and Hollywood Brats. It's glam-tastic! "She's a Killer" is a hard rocker in an early KISS vein, and there's nothing wrong with that at all! If you dig punk rock and roll (and in particular, New York style punk rock and roll), you'll wanna check out The Idolizers for sure. Spiritually, they're well-aligned with label mates The Hi-End. Hopefully when the world returns to some semblance of normalcy, those two bands will play tons of shows together and spearhead Rum Bar's next step towards world domination. This is rock and roll, folks!


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Kevin K/Ricky Rat - Party Store

Kevin K (Road Vultures, Lone Cowboys) and Ricky Rat (Trash Brats, Dead Boys) making an album together is an idea so great that it's shocking it didn't already happen decades ago! When it comes to old school punk rock, these two guys are as legit as it gets. Kevin K has literally been playing in punk bands since the '70s, and Ricky Rat came up just a few years behind him. Just as importantly, these two are kindred spirits on both a personal and musical level. Out on Circumstantial Records, Party Store is very much like the other forty-some albums Kevin K has played on over the years. It's real deal American punk music for fans of Johnny Thunders, the Ramones, and Dead Boys. A Kevin K album never disappoints, and having Ricky Rat in the mix on guitar makes Party Store an extra special affair. This release features a great mixture of songs from an old timer who clearly has still got it. "Identity Crisis" and "She's Cold" are vintage Kevin K punk rock pop songs - strengthened all the more by Ricky Rat's melodic and totally rocking guitar work. Elsewhere, there are ballads ("You Don't Call"), bluesy numbers ("Shame"), and straight-up old school punk rippers ("Dog House"). The deeply emotional "Song For Lulu" is darn close to a pure pop song, and it's one of Kevin K's finest moments as a songwriter. And while I swing pretty far to the left politically, I must say I get a real chuckle out of "Sensitive Generation".

In this rotten year 2020, having new music from Kevin K is like comfort food for the soul. I had super high expectations when I saw Ricky Rat's name attached to this project, and I must say that I was not disappointed. If you've been a longtime Kevin K fan, Party Store is exactly what you'd expect it to be. If you've somehow never heard of Kevin K and Ricky Rat, this album would be a great introduction to a couple of living legends of the punk/glam/power pop scene. Digital album is available from Amazon. Order the CD from Altamont Records!

Sunday, August 09, 2020

The Hum Hums - "All I Got To Do"

Over the course of now 23 volumes of the Something To Do Music for Something To Do People series of digital singles, Something To Do Records has featured many of the finest pop-punk bands on the planet. Volume 23 is perhaps my favorite installment in the series so far. "All I Got To Do" is a song by Japan's Hum Hums. It sounds a little like a lost Parasites hit from the '90s! These days I really seem to be gravitating to the poppier side of pop-punk. And on that note, "All I Got To Do" is totally hitting my sweet spot. It's punchy, catchy, and sugary sweet - a perfect pop song for true romantics. I love those melodic lead guitars, and I can't get enough of that chorus! If you dig this song the way I do, I highly recommend a dive into The Hum Hums' full catalog. And if you haven't checked in with the Something To Do Music for Something To Do People series in a while, hop on over to the label's Bandcamp and take a look. You'll be in pop-punk heaven!


Saturday, August 08, 2020

Young Francis Hi Fi - "I Wanna Hold You Tight (Tonite)"

So just the other night,  I found myself craving something punky and poppy. As luck would have it, I woke up the next day and found the debut track from Young Francis Hi Fi in my inbox. This was exactly what I had in mind! "I Wanna Hold You Tight (Tonite)" is 94 seconds of high energy punk rock with crazy pop hooks. This Brighton-based band features Young Francis (One Man Punk Band, Rotten Foxes) on guitar and vocals. The band calls itself "bubblegum punk", but don't let that fool you into thinking this is all pop. There's just as much punk in the equation. This song is like Radioactivity meets the Ramones meets Red Kross. It'll get you tapping your toes and bobbing your head at a frantic pace. And after it ends in a flash, you'll want to play it again...and again! This is a super impressive debut, and it has me very excited for what's coming next from Young Francis Hi Fi. Stay tuned!


Friday, August 07, 2020

The Black Halos - "Ain't No Good Time To Say Goodbye"

Out today on On Yeah Right! Records, "Ain't No Good Time To Say Goodbye" is the brand-new single from The Black Halos and the band's second release since reuniting last year. For this release, the band has done something special. "Ain't No Good Time To Say Goodbye" is a tribute to SNFU front man and the band's dear friend Chi Pig, who passed away last month. All profits from the sale of vinyl and digital copies of this single will be donated to the Chi Pig Mural Fund. With that in mind, these songs will not be available on the usual streaming services (you know, the ones that don't properly pay the artists). One thing I admire about musicians and artists in general is their willingness to dig into their very private pain and create something of great worth to the whole world. The story behind "Ain't No Good Time To Say Goodbye" is that Billy Hopeless originally intended it to be an uplifting sing-along celebrating the life of Chi Pig. But he quickly realized that he was just masking his real feelings. Hearing the stinging guitar part that Rich Jones came up with, Hopeless dug deeper into his grief and crafted the gut-wrenching, intensely emotional song we hear today. As a tribute to Chi Pig, it's absolutely powerful. On a more universal level, it's about the reality of having to lose people we love in life - and how impossible that is to accept. When you're creating a song that's this meaningful to you, you want to make sure you absolutely nail it. And that's what The Black Halos have done with "Ain't No Good Time To Say Goodbye". I love how it builds in intensity and culminates with a gut punch. This is what it sounds like when your heart is torn out. On the flip, the band turns out a properly raging cover of SNFU's "Rusty Rake". If you're an SNFU fan, I think you'll find this an inspired rendition. And if you're not yet an SNFU fan, hearing this song should make you want to become one!

Digital purchases and vinyl pre-orders of "Ain't No Good Time To Say Goodbye" are live today on Yeah Right's Bandcamp. The Black Halos are currently demoing tracks for a new album due out next year - which will be their first since 2008!


Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Christopher Peifer - Suicide Mission

Christopher Peifer, who you most likely know as a member of Blockhouses and The Kowalskis, is a underground rock and roll lifer. Over the past quarter century, he's also recorded and performed with Sir, Frances Farmer My Hero, Another Saturday Night, Heavy Creatures, Steve Shiffman & The Land of No, and Giudice's Pig Iron. That's quite a resume! What Chris Peifer had not done until now was to make a record where he was the primary creative force. Suicide Mission is his first-ever solo album, which he recorded at Roots Cellar Studio in Cold Spring, New York with longtime collaborator Todd Giudice. He describes the album as "art and love in the time of Coronavirus". It's an impressive and long overdue solo debut - featuring ten well-crafted pop/rock songs emphasizing storytelling and personal reflections.

Peifer set out to create a debut album full of melodic pop songs in the range of two-to-three minutes. Well that's certainly something I can endorse! Suicide Mission was modeled to some degree after the Elvis Costello compilation album Taking Liberties. The influence of The Replacements, Paul Westerberg, Nick Lowe, Bob Mould, Big Star, and good buds The Figgs is also evident. I like that this is a power pop album at heart, yet it draws from numerous genres and eras of rock and pop music. The longtime sideman Peifer proves to be an appealing singer and exceptional songwriter. Of course he excels at writing catchy pop tunes with hooks. Just as importantly, he has put a great deal of himself into these songs. After listening to Suicide Mission several times, I feel like I have a good sense of who Chris Peifer is. Lyrically, he offers up a nice mix of heartfelt love songs, topical numbers, and autobiographical sketches. The title track likens a life in rock and roll to a suicide mission. This tale of one touring band's misadventures is so wild and bizarre that you know it has to be true! The anthemic "Stanton Drive" finds Peifer deeply nostalgic for his Midwestern childhood. As a fellow '70s kid, I'm really feeling what he's putting out there. "Poughkeepsie" is full of longing for a lost love, and it's executed with a beautiful simplicity. By contrast, "Throw You A Line" is a high-energy rocker that pays tribute to Greta Thunberg and a whole generation of young people who are stepping up to make the world a better place.

It goes without saying that fans of Blockhouses should be very interested in Chris Peifer's solo debut. Suicide Mission is a terrific indie rock/power pop album. It has all the attributes of a mature "singer/songwriter record", but it satisfies on a pure pop level as well. It feels weird to say this about a guy who's been in the rock and roll game for over 25 years, but I feel like we've been introduced to a bright new talent. I'm sure Peifer will continue to play in numerous bands, because that's what he does. But going forward, I look forward to much more from him as a solo artist and/or band leader.


Sunday, August 02, 2020

Cold Callers - Dressed To Die

Out now on No Front Teeth Records and Boulevard Trash, the second album by London's Cold Callers splendidly walks that fine line between '70s U.K. punk and new wave. On lead vocals is No Front Teeth head honcho Marco (The Gaggers, Miscalculations, Telegenic Pleasure, The Flesh of the City, La Rabbia, Sanguisuga, Disco Lepers, Botox Rats). The Internet doesn't reveal much about who else is in the band, but I will say that whoever is on lead guitar is absolutely fantastic. As Mick Fletcher has astutely pointed out, Cold Callers sound an awful lot like Marco's other bands. So if you saw the "power pop" description and were expecting something along the lines of The Records or Kidda Band, you'd be barking up the wrong tree! Cold Callers are more like the middle ground between The Gaggers and Miscalculations, with the addition of pop and post-punk influences.

Several years have passed since Cold Callers released their debut album Covering Lies. And you can hear the difference in Dressed To Die, which sounds like the work of a band that has found its sound and fully realized it. In terms of production and musical sophistication, Dressed To Die totally blows its predecessor away. From track to track, the musical focus varies from jerky punk ("Numb Thoughts") to dark synth-pop ("The Runaway Returns") to 1980s British post-punk/pop ("Dressed To Die" ) to up-tempo jangly pop ("Trapped Between Pages") to old school sing-along punk not far removed from The Gaggers ("Remember My Name"). It's as if Marco took everything that was good about all of his bands and combined it all into one awesomely cohesive entity. This is a pop record, a punk record, and a new wave record all at the same time. As expected, the lyrics lean in the obsessive/creepy/disturbing direction. Yet the hooks are hard to resist. You may ultimately feel bad about merrily singing along to a song as diabolical as "From The Rooftops". But isn't that half the fun? I will always endorse a Marco-fronted band, and Dressed To Die is the strongest record he's made in quite a while. The album is available in three different versions, so get cracking while the alternate covers are still available!


Saturday, August 01, 2020

The Prostitutes - Complete Recordings 1995​-​1998

Here's today's public service announcement: the complete recordings of the original Prostitutes lineup have been remastered and reissued for your listening pleasure. And this digital collection is a name-your-price download from Bandcamp! I've written about these recordings so many times that there isn't much more that I can say. If you asked me to name the greatest American punk rock band of this particular era (1995-98), The Prostitutes would be at least in the conversation if not my #1 answer.

Amazingly, Kevin McGovern has revived The Prostitutes numerous times in numerous locations with numerous lineups. But there will always be something special about the original incarnation based out of nearby (to me) Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This lineup featuring McGovern on lead vocals, Dave Cohen on bass, Justin Haley on guitar, Brian Shuey on guitar, and Jeff Peterson on drums released three incredible singles and a classic LP in a period of just a couple of years. And then just like that, the band broke up (much to my disappointment at the time). As the title suggests, Complete Recordings includes everything The Prostitutes released in the '90s: the "Get Me Sick" debut 7" on Pelado Records, the "Twenty-Two" 7", on Philly label Black Hole Records, the "Living Wreck" 7" on the legendary American Punk Records, two tracks from the Pelado CD compilation This Is It... Punk Rock That's Real, and the entirety of  the band's 1997 LP Can't Teach Kids Responsibility. I once likened The Prostitutes to a combination of The Pagans, Jabbers, Stitches, and Humpers. That's a description I'll still stand behind (maybe I would throw The Germs in there as well). As I listen now, I'm struck by how well these songs hold up. Among these 25 tracks, there are so many songs that are classics in my book. This is the authentic sound of bored, drug-addled youth railing against Central Pennsylvanian conservatism in the later '90s. These wild, angry, and darkly humorous songs were part of the soundtrack to my 20s. They sound just as good today to my middle-aged ears. Now you too can enjoy timeless punk anthems like "Twenty-Two", "Get Me Sick", and "No Good" in all their degenerate glory. It's almost criminal that you can download this anthology for free!