Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Romero - "Troublemaker"

It's hard to believe it was only nine months ago that Melbourne-based Romero burst upon the power pop scene with its stunning debut single "Honey". February 2020 now seems like a lifetime ago. Oh, how innocent we all were! While the world has changed drastically in the intervening months, one thing that's remained constant is Romero's flair for perfect three-to-four minute pop singles. The band offers up new single "Troublemaker" as some relief from the despair and struggle of this wretched year - a "record to sing along to even when the shower runs cold". Romero again proves to be the quintessential guitar pop band while sounding utterly unlike any other guitar pop band you could name. This is music that taps into the angst of the moment and somehow harnesses it into something sublime and joyful. No matter how bad things get, a Romero single always delivers a moment where there's a reason to hope and an occasion to dance. Proceeds from digital sales of "Troublemaker" will be donated to Pay The Rent.


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