Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sweet Time RNR Comp!

Wow, Sweet Time Records has just released the best punk rock compilation I've heard in forever! You know how sometimes comps are dumping grounds for lesser songs that bands just happened to have lying around? Well that's most definitely NOT the case with the Sweet Time RNR Comp! This 26-track extravaganza collects high-quality songs from some of the best bands from today's international punk/garage/rock and roll scene. A global pandemic made it impossible for the Sweet By Sweet Time festival to be held this year. This compilation is a response to that. All payments over the set minimum on physical sales and all proceeds from digital sales will be distributed to the music venues in Nashville that would have hosted Sweet By Sweet Time 3. 

It goes without saying that many of the bands appearing on this compilation would have performed at this year's festival. But even if you have no prior connection to Sweet Time or the Nashville rock and roll scene, you can appreciate this comp as a showcase for the amazing punk and garage music that's now coming from all over the planet. While featuring a great variety of bands from all over the punk rock spectrum, Sweet Time RNR Comp! definitely hits the sweet spot for me with lots of garage punk, trashy rock and roll, and catchy old style punk rock. A few of these bands (Midnite Snaxxx, Mononegatives, Sick Bags, Lifters) have been featured before on this blog. And then there are others that I'm hearing for the first time (I had absolute wow moments with Love Collector, Daddy Sisters, and Primary Sound!). Across these 26 songs, you get a taste of everything from the bad-ass old school punk rock and roll of Ladrones to the poppy garage of NightFreak to the crazed lo-fi hardcore of Schizos to the '60s garage rock stylings of Thee Fine Lines to the raging trash of Modern Convenience to the DIY glam rock of Brower. And the quality of the selections is strong all the way down the line. Some of these songs were previously released, but many of them are exclusive to this album. While this comp gives you a great feel for the kind of music that Ryan is all about, it doesn't really come off like an advertisement for Sweet Time. It's more of a representation of how great punk rock music still is in 2020. You just might spend hours discovering new bands and hopping around the Internet trying to find out more about them. Trust me - I speak from experience! 

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