Saturday, May 09, 2020

Matt Ellis - High Risk Assurance/Stays Home

Matt Ellis is quickly becoming one of the kings of pandemic punk! The Hamilton, Ontario based guitarist has already released two quarantine-inspired EPs, both of which he recorded in his bathroom under the combined influence of isolation and the almighty Ramones. Given that he's a longtime member of one of the four or five greatest Ramonescore bands ever, The Vapids, you'd expect him to be well-suited to this kind of project. And you'd be right! High Risk Assurance and Stays Home are exemplary works of low-budget Ramones worship. None of the songs extend too far past one minute, and none of them stray from a winning formula. Ellis (also of PlasticHeads and Flesh Rag) executes that formula to perfection. He proves to be an appealing vocalist as well. This is fun, cool stuff. Why reinvent the wheel when the wheel is so useful? You can download both EPs for free or pay whatever amount you like. All sales from these releases are being donated to Toronto Overdose Prevention and Keeping Six - Hamilton Harm Reduction Action League, a community based organization that defends the rights, dignity, and humanity of people who use drugs. I respect the cause, and I really dig the music. If Ellis keeps going with these bathroom recordings, he's gonna have himself a whole album by the end of the month!


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