Sunday, May 10, 2020

Los Stars - Grandes Fracasos

Today I've got something super cool for you all the way from Chile! Los Stars have the sort of '77 punk/power pop type sound that I can never get enough of. The band's new EP Grandes Fracasos was recorded last month. It leans to the pop and glam-influenced side of '70s punk, which you know is a particular sweet spot for me. The songs are sung in Spanish, so I honestly couldn't tell you much about the lyrical content. But that's of little concern to me since I dig the music so much. I hear a great deal of Johnny Thunders influence in the guitar playing. Hard to go wrong there! This is just really good old style punk rock with a clear pop sensibility and just the right amount of sloppiness. These tracks are definitely on the raw side, but only in a way that's totally cool and charming. In spots I'm reminded of the Dimestore Haloes. If you dig sloppy, poppy '77 type stuff, check Los Stars out!

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