Monday, May 18, 2020

Brad Marino - False Alarm

Well I've been teasing it for weeks, and here it is! False Alarm is the new 7" from Brad Marino, which magically doubles as a new album of sorts. Official release date is this coming Friday, but it went live on all digital platforms late last week. As expected, this Rum Bar Records release is hot! Marino continues to blur the lines between timeless rock and roll and perfect pop, and in my dream world "False Alarm" would be a million-selling smash hit. Oh man, this is what 7" records are all about: you drop the needle on the vinyl, and it's instant magic. "False Alarm" is a rocker that will make you wanna get up and dance - with hooks that will have you playing the song on repeat. It's a tune about lingering heartbreak, which sounds like a bummer until you actually hear the song. It's got a beat you won't be able to resist and a chorus that will have you singing along instantly. As always, Marino proves to be an appealing vocalist and a very clever wordsmith. And I love how a lot of the little details push this song over the top. The guitars sound simply amazing, and those backing vocals are spot-on! Track 2 "At Night" hits that Rock 'n' Roll High School era Ramones sweet spot - which has proven to be a Marino specialty. Again Marino takes some serious subject matter (insomnia) and manages to make it 100% fun. If you love upbeat, hard-driving pop music (and let's face it, you wouldn't be here if you didn't), this song will be right up your alley. To finish, Marino does a fantastic rendition of The Hoodoo Gurus' classic "What's My Scene" that Dave Faulkner himself recently endorsed. This song fits in nicely with the two previous tracks. It's largely faithful to the original, but Marino adds plenty of his personal touch.

If you're listening to False Alarm on 7", "What's My Scene" is the perfect ending point. If you buy the CD, you get five bonus tracks that transform this EP into a mini album. The CD tacks on the entirety of Four Track Attack - Marino's first 7" from 2018 along with a cover of "Peggy Sue Got Married" that was originally released last Christmas. Now between False Alarm and Extra Credit, you've got almost every track that Marino has released as a solo artist. All 7" orders from Rum Bar's Bandcamp will receive a download for the full 8-song release. The Four Track Attack stuff is really great and includes a couple of tunes written by Michael Chaney. And who wouldn't want to hear Brad Marino cover Buddy Holly?! Whether you're into vinyl, CDs, or digital, this release has got you covered. False Alarm is a mandatory purchase for all fans of rock and roll aged 9 to 90!


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