Thursday, May 14, 2020

Fried e/M - Modern World

Are you ready for a kick in the teeth? How about 11 kicks in the teeth?! Modern World is the long-awaited debut long player from Missouri's Fried e/M, and this thing will absolutely pummel you! Each track is a short & intense blast of total sonic aggression. The sound is reminiscent of the earliest American hardcore: fast and blistering as hell, but still rooted in old style snotty punk rock. The guitars, drums, and bass all hit so hard. And the vocalist is absolutely phenomenal. This dude is no run of the mill screamer. Every word he spits out exudes attitude, indignation, and a complete disdain for everything and everyone. None of these songs even get close to two minutes in length. And they're all total rippers. Remember when you listened to punk rock for the pure nihilistic thrill of it all? Fried e/M sure does. If you're into the Circle Jerks, Germs, The Lewd, early Black Flag etc., you need to be all over this shit!


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