Monday, May 11, 2020

Goldie Dawn - self titled 7"

Well even if summertime fun ends up getting canceled this year, we've still got our first summertime fun record of 2020. Goldie Dawn hail from Glasgow and play the kind of loud, catchy rock and roll that ought to be thoroughly blasted at pool parties, sporting events, and really hip backyard barbecues. Luckily they sound just as good in the privacy of your own home. Featuring the powerful pipes and undeniable charisma of lead singer Kate Rambo, Goldie Dawn serves up a satisfying blend of glam rock swagger, '70s punk energy, and arena rock muscle. The opening chords of "Gone With The Wild" are like a declaration of awesomeness, and it only gets better from there. This tune is a real toe-tapper! The band rocks out like it's on a mission to destroy all that is lame in the universe. You like guitars and drums and bad-ass singers going full force? Yeah, me too! "Crime" is tougher-sounding and crackling with the pure electricity of first wave punk rock. Perhaps you'll recognize some of the influences. "What's Inside (Never Dies)" is the most hopped-up and hooky of these four tracks, which is perfect given how wonderfully nasty the lyrics are. Don't you just love a band that can deliver a resounding fuck-you with joy in its heart? "It's Nothing To Me" is the old school country ballad that seemingly comes out of nowhere yet somehow fits perfectly. All in all, this is a damn good EP from a band that looks to have a very bright future in rock and roll. Drunken Sailor Records jumped all over these hot tunes and will be releasing the 7" at the end of the month. Digital available now. A good time is guaranteed!

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