Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Wheelz - Top 10 Super Hits!

So do you like snotty '77-style punk? I sure do! And this new album from The Wheelz called Top 10 Super Hits! has me fondly recalling a time when this type of sound was all the rage. The Wheelz hail from Tulsa, Oklahoma and play catchy-as-hell sing-along drunk punk that takes me straight back to the '90s. Out on Wanda Records in Europe and Boulevard Trash in the States, Top 10 Super Hits! is the perfect album to crank loud when you're in a foul mood and just want everyone around you to fuck off. This album is just straight-up fun! Those gritty vocals, fist-pumping choruses, and humorous/brilliantly dumb lyrics make for a winning formula, and the somewhat jokey album title is not too far off from the truth. These guys may come off as obnoxious louts, but they sure know how to write a good song! "Throwaway" is nothing short of an instant drunk punk classic. Play it once, and you'll be singing it all night. Do they still call this sort of stuff "street punk"? I call it brilliant! 


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Kai said...

Where’s your best of the year list, brother?
Great blog. You help rock my world.