Thursday, December 13, 2018

Monitor Shocks - M.Rutt - Soft Device

As a lover of music and literature, I find it very cool when those two arts forms come together.  Monitor Shocks is the name of a project that combines music, comics, and short fiction. It's the creation of Charlie from Red Cords, Freak Genes, etc. I've been a big fan of his music in recent years, and I'm really into the idea of this project. This particular installment of Monitor Shocks centers around a fictional character named M.Rutt - a young man who's addicted to his portable electronic device. That's a very relatable theme in 2018. My personal tendency to check my smart phone a thousand times a day is something I would very much like to change. In the case of M.Rutt, his inability to concentrate drives him to write short punk songs. Those songs are very much in line with what we've heard from Charlie's other bands. And I must say that's a very good thing! These tracks are the perfect combination of Ramones simplicity, Devo-like quirkiness, and garage punk economy. If you're just interested in the music, this EP can stand on its own as a fine example of modern-day synth punk. If you would like to experience all aspects of this project, the literary portion is available at the Monitor Shocks web site. I highly recommend going all-in with this thing, since the songs make even more sense within the context of the larger story. Either way, Monitor Shocks is well worth checking out!


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