Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Geoff Palmer - "Velcro Shoes"

Ok, now I'm getting a little worried. With these new recordings from Geoff Palmer and Brad Marino being so off the hook good, might they both ditch The Connection for solo mega-stardom?! All kidding aside, this is turning into the best summer ever for fans of The Connection guys. Marino's Four Track Attack releases in June, and Palmer is in the midst of a series of digital singles releasing every month. "Velcro Shoes" is the second in the series, and boy is it ever a ripper! This one was recorded with Adam Cargin, who many of you already know as one of the best drummers out there. On "Velcro Shoes", Cargin shows he can rock out on guitar and bass as well! Dude is bringing it! Like last month's "This One's Gonna Be Hot", "Velcro Shoes" is a high energy, sing-along banger. This time Palmer is all about the rockin' power pop, and of course he nails it. This tune is just so upbeat and catchy - which is absolutely perfect for a summertime release! How amazing do those backing vocals and guitars sound?! And those lyrics are an absolute hoot! That's two singles in two months from Mr. Palmer, and they're both legit hits. I'm so stoked to hear what's coming next. Luckily, we won't have to wait very long!


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