Thursday, May 03, 2018

Geoff Palmer - "This One's Gonna Be Hot"

Last week I promised you all some solo Geoff Palmer. So let's get to it! "This One's Gonna Be Hot" is the first in a series of digital singles that The Connection guitarist is doing with various friends of his. This track was recorded with his pal Adam Cargin, and man oh man is it ever a banger! Here Geoff dusts off his pop-punk chops and delivers the ultimate party song. It sounds like Mike Love fronting The Ramones, and it's pretty much the best thing ever! Before I even heard this song, I assumed it was gonna rule just based on the title. I was not wrong! In a perfect world, this tune would be a top ten smash on every continent of the globe. 

Eventually all of these solo Geoff Palmer tracks will be compiled onto an actual record. But you won't wanna wait that long to own "This One's Gonna Be Hot". This is the ultimate warm-weather driving song - one that's guaranteed to get you primed for countless nights of good times. It's everything that's fun about rock n' roll distilled into two glorious minutes. Play it often, and play it loud!