Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Ditches - 1000 Elephants

Today we've got more great stuff from Sweden! Ditches are a newer band out of Stockholm who released their debut cassette last year. Sound-wise they walk a fine line between garage punk and power pop punk. Out now is their first 7" called 1000 Elephants, and you're likely to notice it was mixed and mastered by Jeff Burke and Mark Ryan. Of course it's a little reminiscent of bands like Marked Men and High Tension Wires, but it also has those darker undercurrents that make it sound uniquely Scandinavian. I enjoy the back and forth between the breakneck-paced punk tunes ("Isolated State", "My Head") and the less-hurried, power pop leaning numbers ("Running Out Of Time", "Under The Sun"). I really like what I'm hearing: this is a tight band with some impressive songwriting chops. I've always enjoyed this type of sound, and Ditches do it really well. This five-track EP definitely leaves me wanting more. The digital version is very reasonably priced over at Bandcamp. Vinyl will be available for sale on-line soon!


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