Thursday, April 09, 2015

New Mad Parade 7"!

Probably the most underrated of all the great southern Californian punk bands, Mad Parade has stayed true to its classic sound for over thirty years. The legends from the San Gabriel Valley are back and sounding better than ever with a new single on the almighty Hostage Records. What I like about "The Fool" is that it demonstrates why Mad Parade is such a significant band to SoCal punk rock. This is not a case of a group resting on its laurels or trying to cash in on what it used to be. If you know nothing of this band's past, hearing this record will make you wish you did! And for those of you who are longtime fans, you will not be surprised to discover that these two songs totally kill! Mad Parade, like so many veteran punk outfits, benefits from decades of musical and life experience. This band is a well-oiled machine with profound insights into life and the world we live in. But unlike so many of its contemporaries, Mad Parade has never found the need to "outgrow" the fire and fury of its early days. "The Fool" is the absolute definition of anthemic punk rock - a powerful, driving number built around a massive sing-along chorus. Even listening in my basement, I'm jumping out of my chair and pumping my fist every time that chorus hits. It's a true thrill to be able to shout along to lyrics that truly speak to me. And Billy sounds great! On the B-side, "Lovers & Strangers" is the consummate SoCal punk blaster - right down to the melodic lead guitar and stirring backing vocals. This is the vintage Mad Parade sound: aggressive and tuneful, with the kind of chorus that will make you wish you could run up on stage and join the refrain.

As Hostage releases often do, "The Fool" is selling fast. Jump on this bad boy while supplies last! In addition to these two all-new smashers, you get a download card for 10-song collection of demos, outtakes, and lost tracks from various points in Mad Parade's glorious history. This is an incredible value for $5 - an absolute treat for hardcore fans and a must-own for anyone who loves the SoCal punk sound. And with another new 7" coming out on Record Store Day, Mad Parade is totally owning 2015!


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Mad Parade's new single, The Fool 7", features two tracks recorded in Nov. 2014. It's a total press of 550 handnumbered copies:

- 120 copies King card-Art Damage version featuring handcut silkcreen art of Kenney Sahlug, orange vinyl.

- 100 copies brain map cover, white vinyl.

- 330 skeleton cover, black vinyl.