Friday, April 17, 2015

Angry Cougars are back!

Back with their third and fourth singles, Betty Machete and The Angry Cougars just keep on killing it. For Record Store Day 2015, these Columbus, Ohio maulers are offering up an ace new single called "Guts" along with a split with hometown mates Hexers. "Guts" finds BMAC slowing the pace down a little but hitting even harder (if you can imagine that!). Think less hardcore punk and more straight-up ferocious rock n' roll - with thundering guitars and a positively menacing vocal from Ms. Machete. The brilliance of this song is that you can't tell if it's a metaphor or if she literally intends to disembowel someone. And as always, this band really excels at coming up with that perfect little hook that you never see coming until it's already stuck in your head. If you soon find yourself horrifying friends and neighbors by repeatedly singing the line, "There's no escaping/Because I love your guts!", take comfort in knowing you won't be the only one.

"Guts" is backed with an absolutely raging cover of The Soft Boys' "I Wanna Destroy You". If you've been waiting all these years for an angry punk rock version of this alt-rock classic, BMAC have finally made that a reality. Seriously, this rendition eats the Circle Jerks' version for breakfast! From the first note, this is a band hell bent on destruction. That "I'll come picking at your bones" line, coming out of Betty Machete's mouth, has never sounded more convincing.

On the BMAC/Hexers split, the two bands take turns covering one of the other's songs. Hexers re-imagine "Damnation" as a saxophone-driven r & b shaker. I bet you never knew this was a party song! BMAC tackle "Kill For Fun" and definitely make it their own. The way the band blasts through this hard/fast ripper, it seems impossible to believe that they didn't write it! The download that comes with the record also includes the original versions of both songs - allowing you to appreciate both bands' formidable interpretations.

If you live in or around Columbus, you will find both of these new singles at area record shops starting tomorrow. Buy or be sorry!


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Really great Track, thank's Josh !!!!!