Monday, October 27, 2014

New song/release from The Cry!

If I had to name the best band in the world, currently, The Cry! would be in the thick of the conversation if not my clear #1 choice. And just when I think these Portland rock n' rollers have reached the point where they can't possibly top themselves, they proceed to go out and raise the bar. I thought the band's first album was power pop perfection, yet somehow they made an even better second album. Dangerous Game - issued early this year in Japan and Germany, is now available as a remastered American release with the addition of the best six songs from the band's out of print debut and a brand-new tune called "Last Thing That I Do". So if you've been digging The Cry! in recent years but were waiting for a domestic release of the band's music, your time has come! The band did a really fine job with the track selection - cutting just two songs from the original version of Dangerous Game and adding all those early hits (like "Modern Cinderella" and "Sleeping Alone") that made The Cry! an instant sensation back in 2011-12. And "Last Thing That I Do" (exclusive to this release) is definitely a new high point for this band - a stunning ballad with flawless harmonies and Stones-y guitar licks. I love the fact that this band continues to broaden its influences and try new things without abandoning its signature melodic sound. I can't wait for another record!

If you weren't aware that a new Cry! song even existed, check it out and enjoy. And if you're dying to own Dangerous Game: U.S. Edition (as you should be!), you can buy it off of Amazon or iTunes today!


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