Friday, April 11, 2014

More from Mystery Date!

You may recall a post of mine from last summer heralding the Minneapolis power pop trio Mystery Date and its outstanding debut single. Mystery Date has quickly become one of my favorite new bands, and now Piñata Records brings us a new 7" from this very awesome group. You And Your Sister features three songs from the band's tape - mastered and issued on vinyl. And needless to say, it's great! If you're a fan of classic power pop and '79 era pop/punk and have yet to check out Mystery Date, you don't know what you're missing! Piñata cherry-picked the (arguably) three best songs from the band's cassette for this release. And the simple recording keeps things sounding live and punchy, but still clean and crisp. These guys mix some obvious powerpop/punk influences with some non-traditional ones (The Only Ones, Excel, The Gizmos) - resulting in a sound that's familiar yet highly distinctive. The label description of "three rocket-propelled ballads of heartache and longing" is absolutely perfect, and I've had the whole EP on constant repeat all morning. With its loud guitars and irresistible central hook, the title track is probably "the hit". But the punkier "Lightspeed Romance" is a total blast of energy, and no less catchy. And "The One That You Really Want" is probably the one song out of the three that's been sticking in my head the most. 

Given that only 300 copies of this 7" were made, I highly recommend moving fast if you want one for yourself. Ordering details can be found at Piñata's Bandcamp page. There seems to be a whole new wave of incredible power pop bands emerging right now, and Mystery Date just might be the best of all of 'em. Just click "play", and you'll see (or hear, actually) what I mean!