Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Throwaways rock your summer!

Hey there! Shake! Records has issued a Throwaways singles collection on cassette tape! Around this time last year, I reviewed the Calgary trio's fantastic self-titled EP. Now Shake! has packaged those songs with the band's tracks from its 2010 split with Spastic Panthers - just in time for the summer! If your car has a tape deck, you are in for good times! Roll down the windows, crank up the volume, pick up some friends, and have yourself a sing-along road party! And if you can't listen in your car, the same experience can be replicated in your bedroom. Don't forget to order a pizza!

Combining the best qualities of garage-punk and pop-punk, The Throwaways take me back to the late '90s heyday of female-fronted teen trash. Listening to these songs, I'm somewhat shocked that this band isn't "bigger". Only 151 likes on Facebook? Really?! Let's see if we can boost that figure a little! If you're like me and fondly remember collecting singles from cool labels like Lipstick and Super*Teem! back in the day, I guarantee you will love The Throwaways. You get all the hits here - like "Friday Date", "Mikey Erg", and "Summer Song". And the nastier, more "punk" tracks (e.g. "Got A Problem" and "Irksome") totally rule as well. I just love what these three manage to achieve with just a couple of chords and cheap, minimalist production. They understand what makes punk music fun. Just as importantly, they understand what makes a good song! There are only ten total songs here, and the whole thing's over in less than 15 minutes. But that's okay, because you'll want to play it four or five times in a row. Check it out - and let's hope to hear more from The Throwaways real soon!


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