Thursday, June 06, 2013

Get The Ills!

When I'm reviewing a band for the third time, it's pretty obvious that I'm a huge fan. Iowa City's almighty Ills are back with another killer EP, and they have not strayed in the slightest from their commitment to "no friends, no talent, and no songs over a minute and a half". They've outdone themselves this time - the longest track runs just 59 seconds! And boosted by greatly enhanced fidelity, the band's hate-fueled attack has never hit harder.

Get It! is the perfect title for a record that you absolutely have to have. References to Rip Off (Spastics/Loli and the Chones/Spoiled Brats) and Dangerhouse Records (X/Bags/Germs) are still pretty much on the money. But at this point, The Ills just sound like The Ills. And in case you were worried that The Ills were going to outgrow their misanthropic inclinations and start writing songs about yoga poses and yachting life, song titles like "Total Dick" and "Yr Ugly Face" should totally warm your heart. It seems a little too early in this band's career to employ the phrase "classic Ills", but that's exactly what this record is. You get six quick blasts of pissed-off punk rock featuring Erika Ebola's fantastically choleric vocals. There is nothing better in life than reaching the end of a really bad day and cranking a song such as "Like U Done 2 Me" at an excessively loud volume while you scream along 'til you're hoarse and flip off any passersby who dare to look at you disapprovingly. If someone asked me what punk rock sounded like, I would surely include The Ills on their mixed tape.


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