Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fuzzy Vox rocks!

Alright! Who's up for some high-energy garage rock n' roll?! Fuzzy Vox brings us precisely that all the way from Paris! The French trio plays a mix of garage rock and power pop that's fun and highly infectious, and their grasp of varying styles of rock n' roll keeps their music from getting overly repetitive. They are currently on tour in support of their latest EP, Technicolor.

While Fuzzy Vox does combine elements of power pop and '60s style garage rock, Technicolor leans more towards the latter. The title track is definitely "the hit". I love the way that simple guitar riff gets stuck in your head, and Nico attacks his drum kit like a reincarnated Keith Moon. The lyrics and vocals are great too. It's not that I object to rock n' roll songs about drinking and screwing. But I do think it's cool to hear this kind of music used to convey serious existential longing. Hugo sings every word like he really means it!

The rest of the record is of similar quality and very much in the same spirit. "Same Old Story" is just great balls-out rock n' roll, while "I'll Be Gone" sounds like a vintage Shel Talmy recording. The aptly titled "Hurricane" has a hot-rod rock n' roll feel without sounding like cliche. And the record closes with an absolutely killer cover of "Great Balls of Fire"! All in all, this is a terrific EP. There's not a weak track in the bunch, and I love the energy and passion of the playing. You can tell that these guys get what rock n' roll is all about. Their sound is classic, but by no means dated.

I highly recommend checking out the band's Soundcloud page - where you can dig into lots of free music including primo power pop songs like "Wasted Years" and "Kids My Age". If these guys can generate this much excitement on record, they must kill live! Those of you residing in Europe should not miss Fuzzy Vox on tour! Check the Facebook page for dates.


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