Friday, September 30, 2011

Say hello to the Sore Subjects!

It’s my last September post, and I’m ending the month with a bang! Sore Subjects out of Chicago are far away one of the very best of the new generation of old-style punk bands. They’ve got a 7” out on No Front Teeth Records that may or may not be already sold out, and if we’re lucky there will be many more releases to come! This band gets it right, playing thumping mid-tempo punk that’s simple, catchy, and straight-up bad-ass. Think Ramones meets Rip Off Records with boy/girl tandem vocals and a cheap-beer drinking (Schlitz? Yes!), leather jacket wearing modus operandi. Who can’t relate to that?! Their songs are primitive three-chord bashers, but they’re perfectly conceived and darn near impossible to get out of your head. This, my friends, is fun music. This, my friends, is PUNK ROCK. Let us hope that Sore Joey, Marissa DNA, and Charlie Trashcan have a full album in store for us. There are not enough bands like this left in the world!!



That is a most impressive guitar lead in there... Josh, im loving the coupling of yer post with a vid-song. Video or whatever the kids are calling it thesedays.

Greg said...

I'll be on the lookout! Great stuff!

gunther said...

Please come to Nawfuck and share a bill and a beer with The Electric Chairmen!