Friday, August 14, 2015

Meet Everyday Things!

So, does the nation of Canada have a monopoly on high energy powerpop/punk? No, it only seems that way! Say hello to the latest example, Edmonton's Everyday Things. This band features members of Let's Dance and Nervous Wreck and has a debut 7" out on No Front Teeth Records. The band name is a Plimsouls reference, but I'm hearing more of a kinship to Canadian standouts of the past (Pointed Sticks, Modernettes) and present (Fashionism, White Wires). Do you like loud guitars and crashing drums and catchy tunes that make you wanna get up and dance? Me too! My neck is sore from bobbing my head so vigorously! Just give "All Day All Night" a listen, and then hop on over to the No Front Teeth web site to order the record! I get the feeling I'll be talking a lot more about Everyday Things in the future!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! There's a bit of a typo though. It has members of the band Nervous WRECK not Nervous Talk.

Lord Rutledge said...

Thanks for catching that! My sincerest apologies!