Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Thee Tsunamis' debut album!

Out of Bloomington, Indiana come Thee Tsunamis - who've released a debut LP that just knocks me out. Out on Magnetic South Recordings, Saturday Night Sweetheart fully delivers on the promise of a couple of excellent EPs. I always go crazy for these punky bubblegum girl groups, and Thee Tsunamis bring an added element of girl gang street grit. Imagine the New York Dolls if they were all female and managed by John Waters. Taking cues from classic girl group pop and primitive '60s garage rock, Thee Tsunamis fall somewhere in between a punkier Shangri-Las and the second coming of The Trashwomen. And it doesn't hurt that these gals can really freaking sing. If you like girl group harmonies, this album will have you in a state of bliss.

Kicking off with the exhilarant 1-2 punch of "Female Trouble" and "Trash Talk", Saturday Night Sweetheart is one of those albums that hooks you instantly. Two tracks in, you will declare yourself a Tsunamis fan for life. You will want to own everything this band has ever recorded. But it doesn't stop there. "I Know" is the best neo girl group song I've heard in a really long time. "Cry Baby" is transcendent teenage melodrama. "Skip Tracer" and "Shakee Jake" could easily pass for lost tracks from the Girls In The Garage compilations. And when the album closes with a completely unexpected turn into proto-punk, it's a fully pleasant surprise. What can't these girls do?! Their enthusiasm is contagious, and their songwriting chops are truly formidable.

Fun, catchy, and delightfully trashy, Saturday Night Sweetheart is hands down one of the year's best albums. Check it out if you're into garage rock, girl groups, or just great music, period!


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