Thursday, November 20, 2014

Meet Sheer Mag!

One of the biggest thrills for any music lover is coming across that one song that makes you go "Wow!". In my continuous quest to share music that excites me with the world at large, I come across a lot of really great stuff. But rarely do I hear a song that's so original and remarkable that it literally makes my jaw drop. Sheer Mag's "What You Want" is one such song - a scuzzy slice of power pop so utterly perfect that you'd expect to find it on one of the Teenline compilations. If you heard this song while you were out eating pizza or standing in line at the post office, you'd stop and say, "Whoa, who's this?!"

Fronted by Christina Halladay (of Philly rock n' soul standouts The Shakes), Sheer Mag just started playing shows this past February. The newness of this band proves to be an asset on its self-titled EP - which has a raw charm to it that a more polished outfit might not have been able to capture (I love that dirty guitar tone!). Halladay is a commanding and highly appealing presence on vocals - what they used to call a "star" back when they still played good music on the radio. And these hard rocking pop songs are perfectly suited to her assertive vocal style. Give "Sit And Cry" and "Hard Lovin" a couple spins, and their choruses will invade your brain without warning. And "What You Want" is instant pop bliss. It seems unimaginable and downright criminal that it's not a huge hit. If you like power pop that genuinely rocks, you need to be all over Sheer Mag immediately!


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