Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No More Art

We've arrived at my last review of the month. And, boy, do I ever have an awesome band for you to check out! Based out of Hamburg, No More Art are somewhat of a supergroup. Milo from Rosie Tie is on vocals/guitar, and she's joined by the likes of guitarist Will Kinser (Red Dons) and drummer Juan Miguel Pardo (Los Dolares, Leadershit, Etacarinae, Peligro!). But No More Art are very different from any of the bands referenced above. If you're over 40 like me, you might make Dangerhouse Records comparisons. If you're under 25, you might say Masshysteri or Terrible Feelings. Either way, it's a total win! Think classic melodic punk with strong female vocals and super-catchy guitar leads. The band, also featuring outstanding bass player Jonas Ball, has a new single out on Deranged Records that absolutely kills. "Tough To Breathe" is a modernized take on old school punk with a huge, hooky chorus and guitar work that brings to mind The Adolescents. It's definitely got that throwback X/Bags/Avengers type feel, but there are contemporary influences at play as well. "False Confessions" is in a similar vein, propelled by a passionate vocal and powerful drumming. It's almost too good to be a B-side. This is actually the group's second single, and I highly recommend you go listen to both of them immediately. No More Art is hands down the best new punk band of the year. Get these records while you can!



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