Friday, April 05, 2024

Kate Clover - The Apocalypse Dream

You've probably been hearing a lot about Kate Clover's new album The Apocalypse Dream. Believe what you're hearing: this thing is an absolute treat for anyone who loves first wave punk rock, powerful pop, modern garage rock, or all of the above! If you enjoyed Clover's last LP Bleed Your Heart Out, you can count on The Apocalypse Dream being everything that album was and much more. Any reader of this blog will find Clover's musical approach still hitting their sweet spot, but with this release her songwriting rises to another level. It's quite a task to channel classic punk & new wave in a way that feels genuinely current in 2024, but Clover manages to do exactly that. She oozes cool without even trying (which is really the only way to ooze cool!), and her songs offer just as much in lyrical substance as they do in intoxicating hooks. Of course the pre-album singles have been amazing, but there are plenty more gems on the record — such as the pandemic-inspired title track, the perfect punk-pop tune "You'll Be the Death of Me," and the anthemic new wave throwback "L.A. Prayer." No doubt this album will have you flipping out if grew up on Blondie and the Buzzcocks. But your Gen Z relations are gonna love it too!

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