Monday, April 01, 2024

CB Kiddo - "Running to You"

A couple weeks back, I tipped you off to the arrival of your new favorite band. Anyone reading this who hasn't already downloaded CB Kiddo's first demo and mailed in their fan club application is either a robot or a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. Emily could have retired from music right then and there and still had the coolest single of 2024. But luckily she has not retired from music, and she quickly got to work on topping the lo-fi punk-pop magnificence of her debut. No less of an authority than Mick Fletcher has proclaimed that CB Kiddo graduates from the halls of the very good and enters the realm of greatness on this new single titled "Running To You." Perhaps I'm being influenced by the cover of the Forgotten Rebels' "Tell Me You Love Me" on the virtual B-side, but there's just something about these recordings that is quintessentially Canadian. Clearly there's something in the air or the water or the pizza dough up North that couldn't be replicated elsewhere. If someone pressed these tunes onto a 45 and claimed they were recorded during a Maritime blizzard in 1980, no one would have any reason to suspect that was a lie. "Running to You" is a scruffy powerpop/punk earworm that will have you pounding that repeat button until half your day is shot. And the cover of "Tell Me You Love Me" is outrageously good. If you didn't already know the song was a classic, you will now. Emily Williston has been one of the best punk vocalists going for a number of years, and now her songwriting talents are really getting the chance to shine with CB Kiddo. If you're into glammy, garagey, old school pop-punk, you should be running in direction of "Running to You."

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