Monday, April 01, 2024

The Bacarrudas - "You Can Have My Love If You Want It, OK?"

Wow: The Bacarrudas sure knew how to pick the perfect debut single! Excuse me while I go pick my jaw off the floor. Notice I said The Bacarrudas, not  The Barracudas or Barreracudas. The Bacarrudas are a '60s-style frat rock band from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. As fellow citizens of this commonwealth, they are entitled to free admission to any music fests I will someday arrange along with complementary Faster and Louder varsity jackets. Technically, their debut single was a Christmas release which came out at the end of last year. But for their first proper single, The Bacarrudas treat us to a preview of Pool Party, their forthcoming debut album on Mom's Basement Records. Now this is no ordinary garage rock band. This is a garage rock band featuring the god-like singing and songwriting talents of Mr. Adam Rabuck.  "You Can Have My Love If You Want It, OK?" has more energy than a 1980s exercise video, and it is sure to promote the burning of even more calories. If the song were any catchier, your school nurse would have warned you about it. Push play and get dancing! The full album drops May 3rd!

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