Thursday, June 08, 2023

Psychotic Youth - Can This Be the One

The legends are back! 38 years into its career, Sweden's Psychotic Youth is poised to release its 16th album, Happy Songs, this fall. In advance of the LP, the band has just released a teaser single called "Can This Be the One." Psychotic Youth has covered a lot of ground over the decades — from power pop to garage rock to pop-punk to surf. "Can This Be the One" is power pop all the way and in particular an homage to the sound of 1979. Jorgen Red Westman remains in top form as a songwriter on this energetic and catchy track. If you fondly recall purchasing the first Beat album and Elvis Costello's Armed Forces back in '79 (or wish you could have!), this song will be very much to your liking. Psychotic Youth has still got it! Happy Songs will release October 27th on vinyl and compact disc. 

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