Saturday, June 17, 2023

Taxi Girls - "After Effect"

Taxi Girls — my favorite new band and perhaps yours as well — have been kind enough to treat us to a couple singles in advance of their highly anticipated debut EP Coming Up Roses (releasing July 7 on Wild Honey and Dirt Cult Records). As a music fan, I love the opportunity to savor these teasers one track at a time. "After Effect," the band's new single, is especially worthy of being savored. Overall, it's a super-fun high energy punk rock tune. But I really appreciate the little details that make the track awesome. That bass riff grabs you from the get-go, and the rhythm work truly drives this song (the band specifies a rate of 150 miles per hour, which seems accurate). The sentiment of the song is simple yet immensely relatable. It explores those moments in life when you drive yourself crazy wondering how a situation will resolve itself. The song mimics that internal tension beautifully — contrasting a classically punky lead vocal in the verse with a catchy harmony chorus that surely inspires live crowds to sing along with the utmost exuberance. Add in some amazing lead guitar work, and you've got yourself a classic punk rock song. Crank this at max volume, and you'll feel unstoppable! 

Part of the thrill of discovering Taxi Girls is that I'm still getting a feel for what this band is all about. "Sunshine" was a thrilling debut single. "After Effect" is totally different yet equally good. Considering the vocal, musical, and songwriting talent that Jamie, Vera, and Lynn bring to the table, I'm assured that the rest of Coming Up Roses is going to be something special. Thankfully we have less than three more weeks to wait!

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