Saturday, June 10, 2023

Night Court - Humans!

Night Court continues to be one of the best and most prolific bands in modern punk rock. For a lot of bands, three full-length albums is an entire career. For Night Court, it's merely a year-and-a-half's work! Out now on Snappy Little Numbers and Debt Offensive Records, Humans! contains 16 tracks of poppy lo-fi garage punk with touches of post-punk and indie rock. Jiffy, Dave-O, and Emilor continue to impress me with the efficient minimalism of their songwriting. The average song length on this release barely exceeds 90 seconds, and only three tracks cross the two-minute mark. Yet no song sounds unfinished or partially realized. These tunes are crafted to get the job done quickly and leave you wanting more. And leave you wanting more they shall! It's one thing to be prolific, but it's another thing to be able to turn out 15 original songs (plus a terrific cover of ABBA's "SOS") and have every single one of them be a winner. That's the genius of Night Court: they're tearing into these noisy, high-speed punk tunes that are secretly perfect pop songs. There's really no other band out there that sounds quite like this. The band's musical style is remarkably inventive yet still completely satisfying. Whether you're a garage punk person or a pop punk person or a punk punk person, what Night Court is doing right now should excite you a whole lot. This band is on a roll, and we fans are reaping the benefits. Humans! is Night Court's best album yet. Smash those links below to order the vinyl!

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