Friday, June 02, 2023

Vista Blue - "Bandcamp Friday Is Here!"

Yay! Bandcamp Friday is here! You can happily shop Bandcamp today knowing that the bands will receive 93% of your money. Wait a minute: apparently there is no Bandcamp Friday this month — or next month. Who knew that such a sacred holiday could be indiscriminately canceled? This is an outrage! But Vista Blue has got us covered. Leave it to this band to release the first Bandcamp Friday theme song on the eve of this Bandcamp Friday that's not actually a Bandcamp Friday. 

Let's face it: Bandcamp Friday definitely deserved an anthem of its own. Bandcamp is a vital platform to this indie/punk thing of ours. And while Vista Blue's timing of this release may lead to confusion, chaos, and tears across the globe, the beauty of  "Bandcamp Friday Is Here!" is that it will already be on your device when it's time to celebrate the next Bandcamp Friday and all the ones after that. On top of that, the band's choice to release the song last night will surely sit well with all those who maintain that every Friday ought to be Bandcamp Friday. There are no laws against Bandcamp Friday creeping. In typical Vista Blue fashion, "Bandcamp Friday Is Here!" is a pop-punk hit straight from the textbook. It's got an earworm chorus, a melody you can hum all day, and guitar hooks out the wazoo. I won't spoil the lyrics for you, but the second verse made me laugh so hard that I almost spat out my plant-based milk. Backing  "Bandcamp Friday Is Here!" on this virtual 45 is "Bandcamp Friday the 13th," which Mike co-wrote with John Galvin from Kelsey Badgrammer. As the title suggests, this song is about Bandcamp Friday AND Friday the 13th. How can these two things possibly be combined? Listen and find out!

As is the case with the majority of Vista Blue's releases, "Bandcamp Friday Is Here!" is a free download on Bandcamp. So you can "buy" it guilt-free today knowing that 82% of zero dollars is exactly equal to 93% of zero dollars. As for me, I'm always happy to have any new music from Vista Blue. Should you choose to celebrate this non-sanctioned Bandcamp Friday, may I suggest the purchase of the new Saturday Morning Lineup compilation from Memorable But Not Honorable Records? It's a collection of pop-punk covers of cartoon theme songs. I chose not to formally review it since I'm unfamiliar with most of the cartoons and didn't want to be a poser. But I will say that Vista Blue's rendition of the Heathcliff theme is absolutely amazing (I'll embed it below for your convenience). And the artist lineup features some of my absolute favorites from the pop-punk world (such as Lesser Creatures, The Putz, and Geoff Palmer). Now go out enjoy this non–Bandcamp Friday!

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