Saturday, June 03, 2023

Brad Marino - "Ramones and Stones"

I'm always excited for new music from Brad Marino, and he's back with a ripping new single that's not to be missed! "Ramones and Stones" is essentially Marino's musical mission statement. The premise of the song is that the only two bands Marino can't live without are the Ramones and Rolling Stones. Any longtime Marino fan could surmise that these are the two biggest influences on his songwriting. This track makes it all perfectly clear. "Ramones and Stones" is a total banger and easily one of Marino's finest singles. Coming off the tremendous success of the Basement Beat album, Marino continues to keep it simple in that timeless Ramones style. The lyrics examine Marino's thoughts (some of them quite hilarious) on other notable classic rock and roll artists. But when all is said and done, Marino proclaims, "I just need Ramones and Stones." A lot of you will relate! On the virtual B-side, "Dame Darcy" is a new version of an old Rydells song penned by Chris Lamy from The Jabbers. All in all, another great release from one of our top modern-day rock and rollers!

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