Monday, December 07, 2015

Supply and Demand!

Alright! The Dictators NYC have finally made a record! It's called "Supply and Demand", and it was most definitely worth the wait! As you probably know, The Dictators NYC are made up of longtime Dictators members Handsome Dick Manitoba, Ross The Boss Friedman, and JP "Thunderbolt" Patterson along with Daniel Rey and Dean Rispler. They've been killing it on stage for four years, and now they've finally given us an original song! The "NYC" added to the band name acknowledges that it's no longer the original Dictators without the involvement of Andy Shernoff. But the band plays Dictators songs live, and "Supply And Demand" sure sounds like The Dictators! Written by Handsome Dick, Ross The Boss, and Jake Manitoba, this sing-along anthem tells the true story of how The Dictators NYC came to be. You know the sound - powerful guitars, thundering drums, and a chorus so catchy that it ought to be illegal. Handsome Dick is in prime form on lead vocals, and his lyrical game proves strong ("They came from America, all 50 states/They even came from Togo and outer space!"). Backed by a live recording of the band covering "Kick Out The Jams" in San Francisco, "Supply And Demand" is absolutely the powerhouse debut I was expecting from The Dictators NYC! If you loved the D.F.F.D. album, this is very much in the same vein. Head on over to Striped Music if you want a vinyl copy. Downloads are available from Bandcamp.


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