Saturday, June 28, 2014

TV Freaks

How about something a little harder to cap off the month! Yeah! Hamilton, Ontario's TV Freaks typify the awesomeness and diversity of the current Canadian punk scene. These guys are a pure sonic force - walking the fine line between garage and hardcore punk with touches of noise and Stooges filth. The band's latest release, "Leeches", is a three-song 7" just out on the Toronto/Vancouver label Hosehead Records. And it's a total ripper! If you enjoyed the group's previous output, let's just say that "Leeches" shows no signs of any mellowing out! The title track is a bruising assault on the senses - with clanging guitars, throbbing bass lines, and raging vocals that rise to full explosion in the chorus. I'm not quite sure what this dude is singing, but he's hella pissed! The 54-second "Mommy's Place" is pretty much pure '82 hardcore, and "Lose It" brings the EP to a frenzied and ferocious close. "It's not how you win/It's how you lose it!" is about as anthemic of a refrain as you could ever hope to hear, and all in all this track should have you going totally crazy. Grab your morning coffee, pop this EP on the turntable, and get yourself pumped for a day of taking no shit from anyone. TV Freaks kill!


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