Friday, June 06, 2014

Meet The Flintettes!

Boasting recent releases from awesome groups like Needles//Pins, Maniac, and the Steve Adamyk Band, La Ti Da Records has to be considered one of the best labels out there. What a roster! The latest essential release from La Ti Da is the debut EP from The Flintettes. With a lineup including Mike Flintoff (The Tranzmitors), CC Rose (Vancougar), and Marissa Johnson (Dizzy Eyes), this star-studded Vancouver trio arrives with considerable promise. And they do no disappoint! By all means, I think Tranzmitors fans will approve. But the two bands are quite different. The Flintettes are less powerpop/punk and more pure pop - like if you took those Costello/Weller influences and fast forwarded them from 1977 to 1980. Think jangly pop with a touch of northern soul in the vocal arrangements. I'm warning you now that if you listen to "Open Your Eyes" a couple times, it will be stuck in your head until next Tuesday. It has a great melody, and those backing vocals are so on point. "It Could've Been Love" is equally stellar and hearkens back to Elvis Costello's classic period without coming off like an imitation. I'm having a hard time deciding which song here is the hit ("What Was One" is great as well!). So I'll have to give the record 50 more spins and get back to you.

Limited to 300 copies, this EP is gonna go fast. The Flintettes are a pop lover's dream - and a proverbial breath of fresh air in a garage/power pop scene full of sound-alike bands. Having had this little three song taste, I'm dying to hear more!


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