Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet Showponies!

In an age when so many new bands are identifying themselves with sub-genres of sub-genres, it's nice to hear a group that just wants to kick you hard in the ass with some good, old-fashioned punk rock. Showponies hail from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, England. Their name comes from the fact that they rehearse in a stable that used to train horses for show jumping events. That's no joke, and neither is this band's music! They make a point to say that they're "punk and pop but not pop-punk". That's a very important distinction. The band plays a fast and aggressive brand of punk music that's tuneful and catchy. I bet they're super fun live! They just put out a four-song self titled EP, and I have to say I'm highly impressed. This is what punk music should sound like: powerful guitars, hard-hitting drums, ballsy vocals. Showponies do a good job of playing a classic style of punk rock without being derivative of any particular bands or eras. They're not trying to "sound like" anyone. And with clever lyrics covering such topics as gold diggers, retro girls, and the need for escape, these gentlemen really seem to understand the "sing-along" part of sing-along punk. "I Don't Wanna Be" had me won over from the start, but truly the whole EP is quality. Showponies have left me wanting more, and that can only be a good thing. Dig!