Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meet The Hitchhikers!

"The Hitchhikers are a glued together tumbleweed of spit, beer, sweat and grease. This Punk band is comprised of x-members from The Humpers, The Bleeders, The Neurotones and He's Dead Jim, and is a mashed together greasy-meatball of pure gut-rot fun, and the chef's name is Chuck Berry. Well guess what my fans of filth...this is exactly what you're gettin, straight from the syringe and into your thick-head, a shot of brainwash that'll make ya forget you're mom slept with the mailman." 

Seriously - what else needs to be said?! Click play and turn it up loud! The bomb has been dropped. More Hitchhikers coverage coming soon!


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