Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Fadeaways - "Sick and Tired"

And the honor of my final review of 2017 goes to....The Fadeaways! This garage punk band from Tokyo has been putting out killer music for over a decade, and its latest single comes to us on the always dependable Secret Mission Records. Over the last three years, SMR has been entirely focused on bringing the best in present-day Japanese punk rock to American shores. "Sick and Tired" is the label's first single with The Fadeaways, and it makes a great addition to a roster that already included the likes of The Raydios, Car Crash, Louder, and The Geros. Compared to some of the aforementioned bands, The Fadeaways are a little less noisy/chaotic and more straight-up ripping rock n' roll. "Sick and Tired", like a lot of the band's best sides, marries the primal thumping of original '60s garage rock to the smashing low fidelity of '90s garage punk. The energy is off the charts here. You've got filthy as hell guitars, a perfect trash can drum sound, and a singer who really knows how to scream. What else could you possibly need? This track will blow your ears off! On the B-side, the band has at The Customs' classic 1980 single "Long Gone" and tears into it with gusto.

Vinyl for "Sick and Tired" is limited to 200 copies in the U.S. and will surely sell fast. I'm delighted to report that Secret Mission now has a Bandcamp page, so digital versions of all of the label's releases can now be purchased for very reasonable prices ($3 for singles, $7 for albums). You can also order hard copies of these releases - some of which remain in extremely limited quantities! Warning: if you are currently unfamiliar with this label and decide to follow the link over to Bandcamp, you may very well spend the next couple hours of your life rocking out to some incredible music. Plan accordingly!


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Gooboy Quisp said...

Sure you wanna make this your last post of 2017? The Prostitutes just dropped a new 6 song EP yesterday. Great as always!