Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hyness - "Choke"

One of my favorite things about doing this blog is being able to hear exciting new bands. In this digital age of music, it's entirely possible for a band to record a song and immediately share it with the world. You could argue that that's not always a good thing, but to me the positives of this situation far outweigh the negatives. Take, for example, Hyness out of Kitchener, Ontario. I'm glad the world didn't have to wait months or even years to hear this band's amazing song "Choke". This is without doubt one of my favorite songs of the year, and I can understand why the band is so excited to release its first EP. Remember alternative rock when it was still cool? That's what "Choke" brings to mind. With its dense guitars and shoegazy vibe, it practically transports me to 1993. Man, those guitars sound amazing! And the lyrics are really good and dark in a totally fascinating way. I could easily have slotted this song between Sugar and The Breeders on one of the mixed tapes of my youth. This is absolutely a download worth spending a dollar on. I can't wait to hear more!



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johnnybgoode said...

Agree with you on this song! Cant wait to hear more.