Friday, July 06, 2012

The Throwaways throw it down!

Hey! I've got another Canadian gem for you! The Throwaways list their influences as "candy, pizza, and teenage drinking parties". Nice. And from the sounds of this co-ed trio, I can tell they really like The Ramones as well. Talk about a winning formula! The band's recently released self-titled EP takes me back to the glory days of female-fronted garage-punk circa the late '90s. When they thrash it out full throttle ("Closer", "Irksome"), it's like we're right back in the heyday of The Loudmouths and Loli and the Chones. And when they switch it up to their fun, pop side ("Taco Belly"), it's shades of early Bobbyteens or Bitchschool. Gotta love that, eh?! If you're looking for a hit, "Friday Date" is classic teenage punk. If you don't like it, there's something seriously wrong with you. What can I say? This band is just freakin' great. They play simple, fun music with great enthusiasm and boundless energy. I don't know how a band this young got hooked on the hot punk sounds of 16 years ago, but boy am I glad they did! Best thing to happen to Calgary since Lanny McDonald's mustache!


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