Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fun with The Funfuns

What is it about Canada that makes it a breeding ground for some of the catchiest powerpop/punk the world has ever known? Your guess is as good as mine. Finally out on P. Trash after a few years in limbo is the one-sided LP from Calgary's late, great Funfuns. Singer/guitarist Andrew Payne has since gone on to form Ottawa's Zebrassieres, who also have a release or two out on P. Trash. Recorded by the venerable Pat Kearns, this seven-song spinner is a must-own for fans of Mother's Children, Steve Adamyk Band, Tranzmitors, et al. And in old school Pacific Northwest terms, the vibe I'm getting is something along the lines of Clorox Girls meet Epoxies. Any way you look at it, this band definitely had the right name! From start to finish, this record is high-speed fun chock full of melody and pep, with just a touch of new waviness. "Heart Attack" strikes gold with chirpy keyboards and a stick-in-your-head chorus. "My Head" is hyper and sugary, like an aural Red Bull. If "Wait Forever" were any catchier, the Canadian health care system would have a crisis on its hands. Wait forever? Well we almost had to for this record to come out! But it's never too late for great music. If these songs leave you wanting more, well that's the whole point of a one-sided LP. And while it's a bummer that The Funfuns are no more, the slightly different Zebrassieres are awesome in their own right. Canada, I bow to you!


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