Friday, July 20, 2012

The Pegs kill it (again)!

I continue my reviewing spree of No Front Teeth/Rapid Pulse co-releases with the latest from the almighty Pegs. This is my second time posting on The Pegs, and it would be an understatement to say that my enthusiasm for this band has not diminished over the past year. If you, like me, are keen on the classic Orange County punk sound, surely you are already a fan of The Pegs. And if not, well, where in the hell have you been the last ten years?! Already sold out on No Front Teeth's end (because the English know what's up!), Nobody's Listening Anyway is still available from Rapid Pulse/Underground Medicine for a measly $4.50 plus postage. It's a deal and a steal! A-side cut "Ricky Don't Surf"is an absolute ripper of a song. Put it on a mix with classic tunes from the likes of The Crowd, Smogtown, D.I., and Agent Orange, and it'll fit right in. What I love about The Pegs is that they've got every element of the signature So-Cal punk sound down to a T. You've got The Skipper's in your face vocal testosterone. You've got Rikk Agnew/Kerry Martinez style guitar brilliance from Adam Smash. You've got a powerhouse rhythm section. In the grand tradition of So-Cal punk rock, "Ricky Don't Surf" comes on hard and fast but brings a ton of melody. Listening to this song is like taking a kick in the teeth and realizing that you loved it. No doubt, you could easily pass this tune off as a long-last O.C. classic from 1980 (or 1998, same difference).

On the B-side are two songs: a Mariachi instrumental and a faithful cover of Celine Dion's "The Power of Love". Just kidding. These guys do not stray from attack mode. "Phoney Tough" in particular is vintage Pegs, with its anthemic chorus, melodic leads, and surprisingly finessed harmonies. One part of me wishes that this band were more prolific. But the other part of me is glad that they're not. When you only put out a handful of singles in a decade, you know that every song they release is going to be gold. Case in point: this very record. Nobody's listening? The accounting department at No Front Teeth would beg to differ!


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